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Naturopathic Primary Care

Comprehensive Health Care

From a Doctor who Listens

Dr. Patricia J. Meyer uses a combination of both the gentle, natural healing techniques and medicines that have been passed down through the ages, along with scientific based Western medicine to create a treatment plan that is unique for each individual.

Dr. Meyer treats patients, not diseases.

  • Primary Care for the Whole Family
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Blood Type Diet
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Physiotherapy Modalities
  • Treatment for Chronic Diseases
  • Treatment of Acute Illnesses
  • Treatment for MVA's (motor vehicle accidents)
  • Health Management and Wellness
  • Learn more about how we treat the patient

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“Namaste” is an old Sanskrit blessing that means: I honor that place within you where the entire Universe resides. I honor that place within you of love and light, truth and peace. I honor that place within you where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only One of us.