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Health Management and Prevention

Your future is important.


Your health shouldn’t be a concern only when you’re sick or in pain. Ideally, to maintain health, all of us should strive to nurture our physical and emotional wellbeing. Experts have found that health management is your best tool in disease prevention.

Dr Meyer looks at all of your personal and family risk factors, your habits and lifestyle, your medications, hormones, mental and emotional states, energy levels, and your willingness to take responsibility for your health in order to teach you how to be the healthiest you can be. This includes helping you to develop or maintain a healthy lifestyle with good diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, reduced stress, and time for play, which can all contribute to both a better quality of life as well as prevention of many diseases.

Dr. Meyer will be your guide to good health. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she will help you look at every factor that contributes to your wellbeing and make a plan for managing current ailments, as well as preventing the onset of diseases or injuries in the future.


Namaste Natural Healing Center will help you obtain a healthier life.