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Homeopathic Medicines

What is homeopathy and is it right for me?
The philosophy of homeopathy is one of treating the whole person and recognizing that your body has an innate ability to heal or return to balance. It is an individualized approach, and the homeopathic medicines are chosen for each individual rather than being based on a diagnosis.
Homeopathy is based on 3 major principles:
1. Substances that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person may also cure those same symptoms when they occur in a person who is ill (“Law of Similars”).
2. Very minute doses of the medicine are used to stimulate the healing power in the body (“Minimal Dose”).
3. Your mind, body, and emotions are fully interconnected, and therefore the symptoms on all these levels must be addressed in order to promote a return to health (“Totality of Symptoms”).
Symptoms are not the disease. They are indicators that your body is attempting to clear your illness and return you to health. A good example is a fever. This is your body’s attempt to clear the illness that is causing the fever. If you take Tylenol or aspirin you have only suppressed the fever, you have not eliminated the cause of the illness. Homeopathic medicines are used to stimulate the body to recognize and remove the underlying cause of the disease, thus returning you to a greater level of health than if you only treat the symptoms.
When your are ill on a physical level, you may have accompanying mental or emotional responses. The opposite is also true. When a person is experiencing issues such as prolonged stress or anxiety, it may manifest as physical symptoms ie. upset stomach, tight muscles, poor sleep, etc. Each person develops their own coping mechanisms, and responds in their own unique ways. This is why a homeopathic medicine is chosen based on the total picture for the individual, and is not based simply on a diagnosis.
What Are Homeopathic Medicines?
Homeopathic medicines (often referred to as ‘remedies’) are therapeutically active medicines that are derived primarily from minerals, plants, and metals. These substances are then diluted down and succussed (shaken) many times until they are present in very minute but reliable amounts. This renders these medicines very safe and they can be used in conjunction with regular prescription medicines without interference. Homeopathic medicines have been regulated by the FDA since the passing of the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938.
How Will Dr Meyer Choose the Right Homeopathic Medicine for Me?
Dr Meyer will ask you to describe your current symptoms in depth, including those things that make them better or worse. She will also ask you about your prior medical history, your family history, your sleep, moods, energy levels, food preferences and your lifestyle factors that may have an impact on your current situation. In other words, she will attempt to see you as an individual and find the homeopathic medicine that will help you return to balance
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