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Herbal Medicine

Namaste Natural Healing Center’s main concern is your health!
We use herbal medicines to support your body’s natural ability to heal. The therapeutic effects of herbs have been passed down for centuries. Every culture on the planet has used plants for healing.
Modern science has been able to isolate the active ingredients from plants, and these compounds are the basis of many conventional pharmaceuticals. Herbal medicines keep the active ingredients along with the synergistic components naturally found in the plant. By retaining more of the plant’s components, herbal medicines can support your body’s natural healing process.
Whether your immune system needs a boost, your hormones need balancing, you’re dealing with a lot of stress or any other issue you may be suffering from, there is an herbal remedy to help you. Herbal medicines come in many forms. Dr. Meyer uses her expertise to create an herbal regiment specifically for you, to address your health needs.
Dr Meyer’s herbal remedies are blended with the intention of supporting your healing process on all levels, bringing balance to your mind, body and spirit.
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