Treating the Patient | Portland, OR | Namaste Natural Healing Center

How we Treat You, the Patient

At Namaste Natural Healing Center we treat you the way you deserve to be treated; with honesty, courtesy, respect and compassion.Your first appointment begins with a comprehensive evaluation to address any current symptoms, as well as assessing your overall health. This may include:

At Namaste Natural Healing Center we believe in creating the best treatment for you. Dr. Meyer utilizes both naturopathic and traditional tests and medicines.
Once the initial evaluation is complete, Dr. Meyer will create a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for you.
Your plan will address your immediate needs, as well as identify future goals and measures for prevention and wellness.

Some of the treatments we offer are:

Nutrition and Diet Plans
Your path to feeling better may involve making a nutrition or health management plan with Dr. Meyer to get your body back on track.
Dr Meyer often uses the blood-type diet to help you choose foods that work best with your body.

Botanical Medicine
Herbal medicines can be blended specifically to fit your needs.

These gentle yet powerful medicines can stimulate your body’s own healing process and restore balance on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Physical Medicine
Spinal manipulation and physiotherapy modalities, and massage therapy as well as therapeutic exercises and stretches to treat a variety of ailments, including joint and muscle pain or injuries and pain from motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Meyer can create orthotics customized for you.

Counseling and Lifestyle Management
The mind and body are deeply connected. Your evaluation and treatment will include identifying factors (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual) that may prevent you and your body from making the changes you desire.

IV Therapy
Intravenous therapy can be used for supplying nutrients that are not being well absorbed through the digestive system, to replace nutrients lost during chelation for heavy metals and to boost immune function and energy.

Tests and Medicines
As a primary care physician, Dr Meyer utilizes conventional tests (such as lab tests and x-rays) to evaluate your health. More specialized testing can be utilized for testing issues such as adrenal fatigue, heavy metals, and neurotransmitter imbalances. As a licensed physician she can prescribe both natural as well as standard pharmaceuticals (drugs).